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Yumega Horse Hoof

£33.25 - £70.84(exc VAT)

Yumega Horse Hoof formula is specifically designed to help support healthy, strong hooves and encourage hoof growth.

It has scientifically proven levels of high purity Biotin to support hoof growth, structure & condition.

Containing high bioavailability Zinc and Methionine support keratin production to encourage healthy hoof growth, it comes in a 900g or 2.5kg tub.

High levels of Lecithin provide essential phospholipids to help maintain hoof integrity.

And finally, containing natural antioxidants Vitamin C and E combined with Lysine stabilise collagen & elastin to optimise hoof condition.

  • 900gPrice: £33.25(exc VAT)
  • 2.5kgPrice: £70.84(exc VAT)
Yumega Horse Hoof

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