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Diatom Residual Red Mite Control

£19.50 - £23.34(exc VAT)£23.40 - £28.01(inc VAT)

Diatom is 100% natural product and is safe to humans and animals.

Begin treatment before you see any sign of red mites, as once they are visible to the naked eye the problem is much harder to control.

Use for long lasting residual control of red mites and insects, apply to your hen house once or twice a week, depending on the level of infestation, in a thick layer around the insde egde of your hen house, sprinkle in the nest boxes and around perches.

The most effective way to control red mite is to use the two pronged attack; firstly wash away the red mites habitat with the poultry sheild and then use diatom for residual red mite control. Use the spray for "spot" application.

  • 500ml (spray)Price: £20.51(exc VAT)
  • 2.5kgPrice: £23.34(exc VAT)
  • 1.25kgPrice: £19.50(exc VAT)
Diatom Residual Red Mite Control

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