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  • Tractor Convoy

    26 March 2024

    Tractor Adventures!   Last night, 100s of tractors descended on West Minster to protest low-cost agricultural imports. This follows actions from other farmers across Europe. Some farmers are concerned that the post-Brexit schemes are too focused on Environmental work. Specifically aimed at raising awareness, the tractor convoy is the 3rd demonstration this year following Canterbury and Dover. Fairness for Farmers of Kent and Save British Farming are calling for an end to imports, which they claim are often produced to a lower environmental standard and animal welfare. Chemicals used are also often banned in the UK. The new English agricultural policy is aimed at paying farmers for environmental measures such as habitat creation so planting trees etc. which then takes land out of food production. “No farmers, No Food, No Future” is the main slogan being displayed on tractors and agricultural vehicles.

  • Scam Phone Calls For Missing Pets

    18 January 2024

    It is becoming increasingly common for scammers to contact owners of missing pets demanding ransom money for animals they don't have. 



Fleas in Dogs

17 May 2023

What are fleas? Fleas are small parasites which live in high grass, sand, sheds and debris. They like shade and humidity but not dry climates. As animals prefer to go into shade on a hot day.

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Tupping Time

02 August 2023

The Ram effect   Its tupping time again, most of you will be well underway but here are a few tips for successful and effective tupping.   Following an absence of male contact the introduction of a male to anoestrus (non-cycling) ewes, whether he is vasectomised or entire will quickly, within 2 days, start them cycling, hence the ram effect. Sheep are short day breeders which means they begin to cycle as day length shortens, starting in

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The Ram effect

15 September 2021

Its tupping time again, most of you will be well underway but here are a few tips for successful and effective tupping.

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Cats vs Vacuum Cleaners

15 November 2023

Some cats are absolutely terrified of vacuum cleaners. The loud noise and imposing size can be very frightening for cats. They prefer peace and quiet with a predictable routine. The appearance of a loud, large machine in their area can feel threatening.

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Socialising Kittens

05 July 2023

From two to seven weeks old, a kitten is in the “socialisation period”. The kitten’s brain and sensory system are still developing and the stimuli they encounter can influence how this development occurs. Things such as who they meet and different environments will teach them whether what is happening is threatening or not.

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What are ticks?

04 January 2024

Ticks are small parasites which suck blood from other animals. They have 8 legs like a spider with an egg-shaped body. This becomes larger and darker when filled with blood. Unlike fleas, ticks can’t fly or jump. Instead, they climb or drop onto animal’s coats when they brush past whatever the tick is sitting on.

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Cat Stress

12 October 2023

Most cats prefer their own company and bringing a new cat into the household can cause stress.

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Christmas Times

23 November 2023

We will be open up until 12pm on the 22nd December. The office will be closed until Wednesday 27th. We will be open Thursday 30th all day and Friday 31st The office will reopen on Tuesday 2nd January with usual working hours. We hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year. 

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