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  • Tractor Convoy

    26 March 2024

    Tractor Adventures!   Last night, 100s of tractors descended on West Minster to protest low-cost agricultural imports. This follows actions from other farmers across Europe. Some farmers are concerned that the post-Brexit schemes are too focused on Environmental work. Specifically aimed at raising awareness, the tractor convoy is the 3rd demonstration this year following Canterbury and Dover. Fairness for Farmers of Kent and Save British Farming are calling for an end to imports, which they claim are often produced to a lower environmental standard and animal welfare. Chemicals used are also often banned in the UK. The new English agricultural policy is aimed at paying farmers for environmental measures such as habitat creation so planting trees etc. which then takes land out of food production. “No farmers, No Food, No Future” is the main slogan being displayed on tractors and agricultural vehicles.

  • Scam Phone Calls For Missing Pets

    18 January 2024

    It is becoming increasingly common for scammers to contact owners of missing pets demanding ransom money for animals they don't have. 


What are ticks?

4th January 2024

Ticks are small parasites which suck blood from other animals. They have 8 legs like a spider with an egg-shaped body. This becomes larger and darker when filled with blood. Unlike fleas, ticks can’t fly or jump. Instead, they climb or drop onto animal’s coats when they brush past whatever the tick is sitting on.

The most common place to find ticks is in woodland and glass land. They can be found throughout the year but are most active during spring and autumn.

Lyme Disease

A serious bacterial infection called Lyme disease is passed on by ticks. Dogs, humans and cats can all get the disease although it is uncommon in cats.

Signs of Lyme disease are:



Swollen and painful joints

Swollen lymph nodes


Loss of appetite


If caught early, Lyme disease can eb treated with antibiotics. You will need to contact your vet if you think your dog/cat has contracted Lyme disease. They will run tests and start treatments.

Tick Prevention

Ticks will bite and feed on a dog or cat for up to a few days then drop off. During this time, it’s possible for the tick to give your pet a disease.

You can stop ticks biting your pet by using a tick treatment that either kills or repels if they attach. There are different types of treatment such as:



Never use a tick treatment designed for a dog on a cat or vice versa. Some dog tick treatments contain chemicals which are toxic to cats and can even be fatal.

We have some tick treatments available here.