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Comfy Collar

£7.57 - £9.31(exc VAT)£9.08 - £11.17(inc VAT)

The Comfy Collar is an alternative to the traditional lampshade collar for preventing pets from reaching wounds as they recover from injury or surgery. The collar has a scratch and bite resistant outer cover with a separate inflatable inner tube. The collar is bulky enough to prevent the animal from reaching wound sites but does not restrict regular movement or field of vision. This allows normal eating, drinking and a more comfortable sleeping position than more traditional collars.

Available in the following sizes: 17-22cm, 22-30cm, 30-40cm, 42-55cm and 55-80cm.

  • 17-22cmPrice: £6.86(exc VAT)
  • 42-55cmPrice: £8.80(exc VAT)
  • 30-40cmPrice: £8.07(exc VAT)
  • 22-30cmPrice: £7.57(exc VAT)
  • 55-80cmPrice: £9.31(exc VAT)
Comfy Collar
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