Feliway Diffuser

£20.53 - £52.50 (exc VAT)

£24.64 - £63.00 (inc VAT)

The Feliway Diffuser is an electrical plug in device containing a product shown to reduce stress and anxiety behaviours in cats. The diffuser plugs in to a normal electrical socket and when switched on emits a vapour containing a compound similar to pheremones secreted by cats from glands in their muzzle and face. The substance is odourless to humans. The presence of these pheremones creates a feeling of calm and well-being in the cat. This make Feliway an ideal product to use in situations where the cat feels uneasy e.g. when moving to a new house, during building work or after hospitalisation. Using a Feliway diffuser where a cat is displaying signs of stress and anxiety (typically urine spraying and vertical scratching) can have the effect of reducing these behaviours. The Feliway diffuser covers an active area of 50-70 square metres and lasts approximately 4 weeks.

Refill available.


Single Refill 48ml Price: £20.53 (exc VAT)
Diffuser Price: £26.45 (exc VAT)
3 Pack - 48ml Price: £52.50 (exc VAT)

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