Feliway Friends

£23.54 - £60.86 (exc VAT)

£28.25 - £73.03 (inc VAT)

Cats hissing at each other and not bonding? You might want to try Feliway Friends. 

Plug the Feliway Freinds diffuser in the room where your cats spend most of their time. This sends natural messages to cats to enable them to live together in harmony - even if they haven't been the best of friends for a while! 

Feliway Friends mimics harmoney messages a mother cat sends to heir kittens from her mammory zone which helps them to live together peacefully. 

1 Month Refill Single Price: £23.54 (exc VAT)
Diffuser Starter Pack Price: £26.99 (exc VAT)
1 Month Refill 3 Pack Price: £60.86 (exc VAT)

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