Feliway Spray

£11.86 - £26.15 (exc VAT)

£14.23 - £31.38 (inc VAT)

Feliway spray contains a compound shown to reduce stress and anxiety behaviours in cats. The substance is odourless to humans but the presence of these pheremones creates a feeling of calm and well-being in the cat. This makes Feliway an ideal product to use in situations where the cat feels uneasy e.g. when moving to a new house, during building work or after hospitalisation. The spray is ideal for scratching, spraying, going to the vet and cattery. It can also be used as support to the Feliway Diffuser, apply the spray to the doorways, cat-flap, windows sills and to other prominent objects within your home.

  • Shake the bottle & apply the spray daily.
  • Wait 15 minutes before letting your cat near sprayed area.

Size: 20ml or 60ml

20ml Price: £11.86 (exc VAT)
60ml Price: £26.15 (exc VAT)

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