Towel-Off Pet Shampoo - Mulberry

£3.71 - £12.49 (exc VAT)

£4.45 - £14.99 (inc VAT)

Ever really struggled to drag your pet to the hose pipe or watering can? Towel-Off Pet Shampoo by Nilaqua requires no water!

Simply apply generously, massaging until the fur is wet and soapy. Dirt and odours are released and removed by thoroughly towel drying leaving fur fresh and clean with no water required and no sticky residue. It's mild and non-irratating forumala leaves fur beautifully clean and soft. 

With no hose pipe or watering can needed, Towel-Off Shampoo causes minimal distress, no fuss or mess and no dirty bath to clean! 

200ml Price: £3.71 (exc VAT)
500ml Price: £7.49 (exc VAT)
1L Price: £12.49 (exc VAT)