HygieCatch Canine Urine Sample Kit

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HygieCatch - Urine Collection & Testing Kit 

Comprising of a specially developed collection device and urine testing strips, HygieCatch is a new and efficient way to collect a sample of your dog’s urine and test it at home to monitor their health and general wellbeing.

HygieCatch can be used in several ways:

You can choose any of the 3 ways to use the HygieCatch kit.

1. To screen your dog’s general health at home

HygieCatch makes it easy for you to regularly monitor your dog’s overall health. It can give you peace of mind in between regular yearly appointments and may pick up signs of a developing health issue in good time to get the care needed from your vet.

HygieCatch can also be used at home to support the monitoring your dog’s recovery after an operation.


2. To get a test result prior to an online vet consultation

HygieCatch lets you collect and test a urine sample in the comfort of your own home, using the collection device and urine test strips provided.

The results can be shared in an online consultation with your vet to help them get a better understanding of your dog’s overall health, if you are unable to get access to their practice in person.


3. To collect a sample for a face-to-face vet appointment

The screw top transport tube included in the HygieCatch kit enables you to take a urine sample to your vet if you have a face-to-face appointment.

Having a sample pre-collected saves time and keeps you from having to wait in the waiting room.


Specially developed attractant

Working closely with vets, Trecento Diagnostics has developed a urine collection device with a unique scent designed to attract dogs and encourage them to urinate.


The collection device is pre-assembled and comes in an airtight pouch, all you need to do is tear open the pouch and unfold it.


HygieCatch enables you to collect a urine sample from your dog and either test it with the urine test strips included within the kit, or use the supplied screw top transport tube to take a sample to your vet for further analysis.


Glucose in urine can indicate canine-diabetes mellitus.


Bilirubin in urine can mean canine-liver problems or autoimmune disease.


Ketones can signal dietary issues or canine-diabetes mellitus.


Specific Gravity measures urine concentration and kidney function.


Blood in urine can indicate infection or stones.


pH measures urine acidity.


Protein presence in urine can indicate a bacterial infection or kidney problems.


Urobilinogen can suggest canine-liver problems or dietary issues.


Nitrite levels can reveal a urinary tract infection (UTI).


Leukocytes in urine can indicate an infection.


Kit Contents

1 x Urine Collection Device, 1 x Collection Cup, 1 x Transport Tube, 2 x Test Strips (in single pouch),
1 x Results Chart, 1 x Disposable Gloves, 1 x Information Leaflet


Kit Contents

1 x Urine Collection Device, 1 x Collection Cup, 1 x Transport Tube, 2 x Test Strips (in single pouch),
1 x Results Chart, 1 x Disposable Gloves, 1 x Information Leaflet



Available in 3 Sizes

HygieCatch has been developed to suit a range of different dog breeds and sizes. NB: Breeds listed are for size guidance only.



HygieCatch is single usage collection and testing kit.



Legal Disclaimer

Please note: HygieCatch is intended to support you and your vet in the monitoring of your dog’s heath. Medical decisions about your dog’s health should be made by qualified veterinary practitioners. If you have any questions or concerns about the 10 parameter test strip results, please seek advice from your vet.


Made in the UK

HygieCatch is produced in the United Kingdom.



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