HygieCatch Canine Urine Sample Kit

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HygieCatch | Urine Sample Collection & Testing Kit | Home Health & Wellness Test for Dogs | Small Size Dog


  • HygieCatch – Home Wellness Test for Dogs. Check your dog's health in between vet appointments for common health conditions including Urinary Tract Infections (UTI's), Dietary Issues, Diabetes, Liver Disorders, Kidney Disease, and Haematuria (Blood in Urine).
  • Effortless Urine Collection - HygieCatch's urine collection device is impregnated with a unique attractant that attracts your dog and encourages them to urinate on the device.
  • Complete Health Check – Accurately measure your dog’s Glucose, Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Ketones, Specific Gravity, Blood in Urine, pH, Protein, Nitrite and Leukocytes using the 10-parameter test strips provided. 
  • Developed and Approved by Veterinarians - Helps you monitor your dog's health as they age and supports online and in-person consultations with your vet.
  • Monitor your dog's recovery - If your dog has been treated by your vet, their recovery will often need to be regularly monitored. HygieCatch enables you to test their urine and monitor their recovery from home.


HygieCatch - Urine Collection & Testing Kit 

Containing both a specially developed collection device and urine testing strips, the HygieCatch urine collection and testing kit is a new and efficient way to monitor your dog's health in between vet appointments. 

As dogs often never show signs of illness until it becomes serious, it has become more important than ever to monitor your dog’s health in between vet appointments to make sure you find any potential underlining health issues before they become a problem. 

The unique collection device uses a specially formulated scent that attracts dogs and encourages them to urinate on the device. Once the dog urinates on the collection device, the urine is then funnelled into a sterile gallipot, ready for testing.

Monitoring your dog's health as they age has never been simpler. 


HygieCatch can be used in several ways:

  1. To monitor your dog's health from home

By collecting a sample of your dog's urine and testing it using the urine test strips provided, HygieCatch can help you detect common and serious health conditions that affect dogs of all ages including UTI's, Dietary Issues, Kidney Disease and Diabetes. 

HygieCatch can also be used at home to support the monitoring of your dog’s recovery such as testing the effectiveness of their antibiotics after suffering from a bacterial infection. 

  1. To get a test result prior to an online vet consultation

 HygieCatch lets you collect and test a sample of your dog's urine from the comfort of your own home. After comparing the used urine test strip to the chart provided, the results can be shared in an online consultation with your vet. This can help them have a better understanding of your dog’s overall health if you are unable to get access to their practice in person.

  1. To collect a urine sample for a face-to-face vet appointment

 The screw top transport tube included in the HygieCatch kit enables you to take a pre-collected urine sample to your face-to-face vet appointment.

Having a pre-collected sample saves time and keeps you from having to wait in the waiting room.


Specially developed attractant

Working closely with vets, Trecento Diagnostics has developed a urine collection device with a unique scent designed to attract dogs and encourage them to urinate.

HygieCatch enables you to collect a urine sample from your dog and either test it with the urine test strips included within the kit, or use the supplied screw-top transport tube to take a sample to your vet for further analysis.



HygieCatch’s urine test strips allow a range of 10 parameters to be tested and the results can provide a good overview of your dog’s general health.

Being able to regularly monitor your dog’s health could give you advance warning of a variety of serious health conditions, allowing you time to contact your vet to support illnesses that could seriously affect your pet’s quality of life.

The test strips are identical to what vets use and can check the following:


Kit Contents:

1 x Urine Collection Device, 1 x Collection Cup, 1 x Transport Tube, 2 x Test Strips (in single pouch), 1 x Results Chart, 1 x Disposable Gloves, 1 x Information Leaflet.



HygieCatch is a single-use collection and testing kit.


Legal Disclaimer

Please note: HygieCatch is intended to support you and your vet in the monitoring of your dog’s heath. Medical decisions about your dog’s health should be made by qualified veterinary practitioners. If you have any questions or concerns about the 10 parameter test strip results, please seek advice from your vet.


Made in the UK

HygieCatch is produced in the United Kingdom.

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