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PupeeTrainer toilet training aid spray

Specially formulated to toilet train puppies to use a designated spot.


Use indoors with training pads and pet loos or outdoors to get your puppy familiar with toileting outside.


1. Pads

2. Trays and pet loos

3. Outside


Give your puppy a bit of extra support

Puppies do not instinctively gravitate to training pads, in fact they often ‘go’ everywhere else but the pad! This can be frustrating, not to mention messy, but do not be discouraged as your puppy just needs some encouragement and PupeeTrainer is here to help.


PupeeTrainer spray has a special attractant, formulated from natural ingredients, that helps your puppy establish a connection between the scent and the location that you want them to use for their toilet. The scent helps you control where it is acceptable for them to toilet and by supporting the action with praise your puppy will soon become toilet trained. Using PupeeTrainer from the beginning of their training will speed up the learning process.



More than just a puppy toilet training spray

PupeeTrainer is unique amongst other puppy training sprays. The special attractant that Trecento Diagnostics has developed is not only used for PupeeTrainer but also for our dog health monitoring product, HygieCatch.


As part of the process of becoming toilet trained and familiar with the PupeeTrainer attractant your puppy will come to associate the scent with urination. As we use the same scent in HygieCatch your pet will instantly recognise the link if presented with the HygieCatch urine collection device when they are a little older.


The HygieCatch urine collection and testing kit enables you to monitor your dog’s health at home by providing all that is needed to test a sample of their urine. This enables you to regularly, and cost effectively, check for common conditions that affect dogs. This can give you early warning of serious medical conditions, so that you can contact your vet as early as possible to receive the best treatment.


A leak-proof transport tube is also included with the HygieCatch kit and this allows you to take a urine sample to your vet if required.



PupeeTrainer Size

150 ml


Made in the UK

Both PupeeTrainer and HygieCatch are produced in the United Kingdom.


150ml Price: £7.49 (exc VAT)