Carprieve Solution for Injection for Cattle 50ml

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Carprieve 50mg/ml solution for injection for cattle is a clear colourless to pale yellow solution for injection. Each ml contains: Active Substance: Carprofen 50 mg/ml.

Excipients: Ethanol (anhydrous) 100 mg/ml, Sodium Formaldehyde Sulphoxylate 2.0mg/ml. 

Use for reduction of pyrexia in acute cases of infectious respiratory disease in cattle, in combination with appropriate anti-infective therapy.

Legal Category: POM-V


Single subcutaneous or intravenous injection at a dosage of 1ml/35kg bodyweight in combination with antibiotic therapy, as appropriate.

Do not exceed 10 broachings per vial. If more than 10 broachings are required, the use of a draw-off needle is recommended.

Withdrawal Period

Milk: Zero hours.

Meat and offal: 21 days.

Size: 50ml                

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£43.07 (exc VAT)

POM-V Declaration