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Altresyn® is a clear, pale yellow and odourless solution containing 4 mg/ml altrenogest for the synchronisation of oestrus in sexually mature gilts.

Legal Category: POM-V


5 ml per animal orally, once a day for 18 consecutive days.

The 1080 ml bottle should be administered with the Altresyn doser only.

To prime the doser put the bottle in an horizontal position with the nozzle of the doser directed up-wards, slowly press the trigger until a drop pearls at the tip of the nozzle.

The doser delivers 5 ml dose for each complete activation of the trigger. For the regular administration hold the vial vertically upside-down. The doser should remain on the bottle for the whole product in-use period, and the lock system should be used for any storage between treatments.

Animals should be segregated and dosed individually. Add the product as a top dressing to the feed immediately before feeding.

Withdrawal Period

Meat and offal: 9 days.

Contra Indications

Do not administer to pregnant animals or those suffering from uterine infection. Do not use in lactating animals. Do not administer to male animals.

Discard any uneaten medicated feed.

Use only in sexually mature gilts who have already presented one oestrus.

Ensure the correct dose is administered daily as under-dosing can lead to the formation of cystic follicles.

Personal protective clothing (gloves and overalls) must be worn when handling the product. Direct contact with the skin should be avoided.

Porous gloves may let this product pass through to the skin. If the product makes contact with the skin underneath the glove, occlusive materials such as latex or rubber in gloves may enhance transcutaneous absorption of the product.

Accidental spillage on the skin or eyes should be washed off immediately with plenty of water.

Wash hands after treatment and before meals.

Pregnant women and women of childbearing age should avoid contact with the product or should exercise extreme caution when handling this product.

People suffering from progesterone dependent tumours (known or suspected) or from thromboembolic disorders should not use the product.

Accidental absorption could lead to disruption of the menstrual cycle, uterine or abdominal cramping, increased or decreased uterine bleeding, prolongation of pregnancy or headache. Direct contact with the skin should therefore be avoided.

In case of over-exposure, seek medical advice.

Use the 1080ml bottle within 2 months of opening

Size: 360ml, 1080ml (with doser)

NOAH datasheet

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