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Enzaprost is a clear sterile aqueous solution for injection containing dinoprost (as trometamol) 5 mg/ml with 16.5 mg/ml benzyl alcohol as preservative. Dinoprost is the synthetic, naturally occurring prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α). Enzaprost is indicated for its luteolytic effects in cattle and pigs as follows.

Cattle: Oestrus synchronisation.

Treatment of sub-oestrus or silent heat in cows which have a functional corpus luteum, but do not express behavioural oestrus.

Induction of abortion until day 120 of pregnancy.

Induction of parturition.

As an aid in the treatment of chronic metritis or pyometra where there is a functional or persistant corpus luteum.

Pigs: Induction of parturition from day 111 of pregnancy.

Post partum use: reduction of the weaning to oestrus interval (WOI) and the weaning to fertile service interval (WFSI) in sows with puerperal problems such as metritis in herds with reproductive problems.

Legal Category:  POM-V

Dosage:  A single injection of the recommended dose of dinoprost activity is luteolytic provided a functional corpus luteum is present. Administer by intramuscular injection. Full aseptic precautions should be taken. Care should be taken to avoid injection through wet or dirty areas of skin.

Cattle:  The dose rate for all indicated uses in cattle is 5 ml Enzaprost. For further details on administration and doses for specific indications, please see packaging insert.

Pigs:  Induction of parturition: One administration of 10 mg of dinoprost (as trometamol), ie 2 ml of the product per animal within 3 days of expected parturition.  Response to treatment by individual animals varies within a range of 24-36 hours from administration to parturition. This can be used to control the time of farrowing in sows and gilts in late gestation. Treatment earlier than 3 days prior to predicted farrowing date may induce weak piglets.

Post-partum use: One administration of 10 mg of dinoprost (as trometamol), ie 2 ml of the product per animal 24 to 36 hours after parturition.

Withdrawal Period          

Cattle: Meat and offal: 3 days

Milk: Zero hours

Pigs:  Meat and offal: 2 days

Contra Indications  Do not treat animals if they suffer from either acute or subacute disorders of the vascular system, gastro-intestinal tract or respiratory system. Do not administer to pregnant animals, unless it is desirable to induce parturition or interruption of pregnancy. Do not use in cases of known hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients. The product is ineffective when administered prior to day 5 after ovulation. Do not administer by intravenous route. Prostaglandins of the PGF2α type can be absorbed through the skin and may cause bronchospasm or miscarriage.

Pregnancy status should be determined prior to injection since dinoprost has been demonstrated to result in abortion or parturition induction when administered at sufficiently high doses in many animal species. If pregnant, the unlikely possibility of uterine rupture should be borne in mind, especially if cervical dilation does not occur. Induction of parturition in pigs earlier than 72 hours prior to predicted farrowing date may result in reduced piglet viability.

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