Neocolipor Suspension for Injection 50ml

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Each 2 ml dose contains at least 2.1 SA.U E. coli recombinant strains F4 (F4ab, F4ac, F4ad); 1.7 SA.U recombinant strain F5; 1.7 SA.U field strain F41; and 1.4 SA.U field strain F6. In addition, Neocolipor contains aluminium hydroxide as adjuvant and thiomersal (0.2 mg/dose).

Use for the reduction of neonatal enterotoxicosis of piglets, caused by E. coli strains, expressing the adhesions F4ab (K88ab), F4ac (K88ac), F4ad (K88ad), F5 (K99), F6 (987P) and F41 during the first days of life.

Legal Category: POM-V               


Shake the vial vigorously before use. 2 ml dose injected intramuscularly into the neck in the area behind the ear, according to the following schedule:

Primary vaccination

First injection: 5-7 weeks from farrowing

Second injection: 2 weeks before farrowing

Revaccination: 1 injection 2 weeks before each subsequent farrowing.

Withdrawal Period: Zero days.

Contra Indications

Vaccinate only healthy animals.

Since the protection of piglets is ensured by colostrum intake, each piglet should ingest a sufficient quantity of colostrum within 6 hours of birth. Use sterile syringe and needles. Administer using aseptic procedures. Do not administer in conjunction with other medicinal products. Vaccination may cause slight hyperthermia (less than 1.5°C during a maximum period of 24 hours).

Package Quantities: 50ml (25dose)

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£32.95 (exc VAT)

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