Scabivax Forte

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For the active immunisation of sheep and lambs against Orf to reduce clinical signs and/or lesions of the disease.

Legal Category: POM-V


Content per dose (0.02ml) is Contagious pustular dermatitis (Orf) virus, 105.4 TCID50. and administered by skin scarification.

This vaccine needs to be administered to sheep and lambs using an applicator (a Scabivax Forte Applicator is available on request). This applicator prevents back flush.

Ewes: Pregnant ewes must be vaccinated behind the elbow or in the axilla (i.e. between the top of the foreleg and the chest wall). Vaccinating in this area prevents infection of the udder and transmission to lambs. Vaccinate ewes 7-8 weeks before lambing. Do not vaccinate ewes less than 7 weeks before lambing.

Ewes which are unvaccinated and have lambs at foot are best to have their vaccination delayed until the lambs are weaned, except in case of emergency.  Vaccinate these ewes the same as pregnant ewes.

Lambs: lambs can be vaccinated any time after birth. Young lambs (i.e. unweaned) should be vaccinated in the axilla.


This vaccine should be not used on farms or in flocks where Orf disease is not a problem. Do not vaccinate ewes less than 7 weeks before lambing. Do not vaccinate pregnant ewes except at the recommended stage of pregnancy.

Withdrawal Period:

Zero Days.

A suspension for cutaneous administration.

To keep refrigerated between 2 - 8 degrees.

Applicator Price: £24.40 (exc VAT)

POM-V Declaration