Perbio Choc Fly RTU 5L

£45.99 (exc VAT)

£55.19 (inc VAT)


Perbio Choc is the strongest ready to use fly spray in the UK and 4-5 times stronger than any other comparable insecticide. Contains both 0.64% Permethrin and 0.63% Tetramethin, nothing can compare to its ultimate power when killing all types of insects from flies to wasps to red mite to name but a few. Perbio Choc is a residual insecticide so best used where surfaces are not cleaned down as often to allow for more flies and insects to land on treated areas and achieve amazing results. 

It can be both sprayed and fogged. Its coverage goes a long way 625 m2 surace (costs 6.4p per m2) treatment and 12500m3 (costs 0.32p per m3) aerial fogging treatment. 

Size: 5L

£45.99 (exc VAT)

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