Cydectin 10% LA Solution for Injection for Cattle 200ml

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A clear yellow, slightly viscous, sterile solution containing 100 mg/ml moxidectin and 70 mg/ml Benzyl Alcohol.

Moxidectin is a second generation macrocyclic lactone of the milbemycin family.

In cattle weighing from 100 to 500kg bodyweight, CYDECTIN 10% LA is indicated for the treatment and prevention of mixed infestations by the following gastro-intestinal nematodes, respiratory nematodes and certain arthropod parasites:

Adult and immature gastro-intestinal nematodes

Adult and immature respiratory tract nematodes


Mange mites

CYDECTIN 10% LA has a persistent action and protects cattle for a certain duration against infection or re-infection

The product is effective against Hypoderma larvae at the time of treatment but its persistent activity against Hypoderma has not been evaluated.

If the product is given before the end of the fly season complimentary treatment with a product effective against Hypoderma may be required.

Persistent efficacy periods have not been established for parasite species other than those included in the above list. Therefore re-infection of animals on pasture contaminated by parasites other than these remains possible before the end of the

90 day minimum persistency period demonstrated for specific species.

Legal Category: POM-VPS


0.5 ml/50kg bodyweight given by a single subcutaneous injection in the ear using an 18 gauge, 25-40mm hypodermic needle. Determine cattle weight to ensure correct dose rate is used. To prevent a possible anaphylactic type reaction, do not inject the product intravenously.


The 50ml vial stoppers must not be broached more than 20 times. Shake vigorously before use. Use automatic syringe equipment for the 200ml vial.

To ensure administration of a correct dosage, bodyweight should be determined as accurately as possible; accuracy of the dosing should be checked.

The injection should be given subcutaneously in the loose tissues on the dorsal surface of the ear, just distal to the distal edge of the auricular cartilage. T

Due to the long lasting protection against Dictyocaulus viviparus and the stomach worms, Ostertagia ostertagi and Haemonchus placei, a single treatment with the formulation at turn-out helps control parasitic bronchitis (lungworm) and parasitic gastro-enteritis throughout the grazing season by reducing the build-up of infective larvae on pasture associated with these parasites. For best results the injection should be given to each calf of target weight to be grazed together immediately prior to being turned out to pasture. Animals should be set stocked throughout the grazing season or moved to a pasture which has not been grazed by other cattle earlier in the season.

Withdrawal Period

Meat and offal: 108 days.

Milk: Not permitted for use in lactating animals producing milk for human consumption or industrial purposes or within 80 days of expected parturition.

The withdrawal period is based solely on a single injection at the ear site of injection.

Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes.

Contra Indications

Do not use in cattle less than 100kg bodyweight or more than 500kg.

Not to be mixed with other veterinary medicinal products before administration.

In order to prevent abscesses, a strict aseptic technique is recommended.

Size: 200ml

NOAH Datasheet

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£523.30 (exc VAT)