Masterject v1.1 - the automatic animal injection system

£272.43 (exc VAT)

£326.92 (inc VAT)

Masterject allows the farmer to administer multiple doses of medication in a safe, stress-free and efficient manner, without having to restrain the animal, and from up to a distance of 5 foot. It is primarily intended for cattle and swine, but can also be used on any other thick-skinned stock animals such as deer, buffalo, ostrich and llamas.

With Sure-Ject™ technology incorporated into the MasterJect injection system, there is no wastage. MasterJect™ stops the medication flow immediately in the event of the animal pulling away from the needle. Simply re-introduce the injector to a suitable area on the animal and re-inject, the rest of the medication is then administered. Its simple,clean,quick and easy-to-use.

MasterJect™ is a complete package that includes:

  • MasterJect Injection Gun
  • Aluminium telescopic hand extension (extends MasterJect's range up to 5 feet)
  • 20ml disposable syringes (4)
  • 13g x 1.5" re-usable needles (12)
  • Padded carry case

Suitable for use with luer-lock 1" or 1.5" needles with an aluminium hub (13g, 14g or 16g) and 20ml centre tip disposable syringes.

£272.43 (exc VAT)

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