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NeoBoost gives the piglet extra appetite simultaniously with a sugar rush; motivation and energy to drink lots of colostrum. Designed for low birthweight piglets: treat the 5 lightest or the ones under 1.2kg. Also, piglets that wont suckle themselves. 


When to give NeoBoost:

  • Directly after birth to avoid hypothermia. 
  • When the piglet does not start drinking on its own. 
  • Whenever the piglet is in need for extra energy amd appetite, for example when moving to a foster sow.
  • Reduced mortality first days after birth. 


Treat within 2 hours of birth and repeat after 4 hours if needed. 

Store at room temperature - never put in the fridge or give when product is cold as this can be counter-productive. 

Pumps are provided with each bottle sold.  


*Unfortunately we are unable to send this product to Ireland.*

500ml Price: £29.99 (exc VAT)