Porcilis Ery

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An inactivated vaccine containing at least 1 ppd Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae antigen, strain M2 (serotype 2) per dose in an aqueous adjuvant (dl α-tocopherol 150 mg/dose).   The vaccine contains 0.05% formaldehyde as a preservative.

For the active immunisation of sows, gilts, boars and growing pigs as an aid in the control of swine erysipelas.

Dosage and Administration

The dose is 2 ml/pig, given by deep intramuscular injection behind the ear.

Ensure that vaccination equipment is clean and sterile before use.

Vaccination programmes

Young growing pigs

Pigs should be at least 6 weeks of age.   A course of 2 vaccinations given 4 weeks apart, is recommended. 

Breeding stock

Primary vaccination:  For the induction of protection against erysipelas, an initial course of two vaccinations, given 4 weeks apart, is recommended.   Where protection against parvovirus is also required, this can be achieved with Porcilis Ery given either 4 weeks before, or 4 weeks after, administration of the Porcilis Ery + Parvo.  Boars and gilts should be vaccinated against E. rhusiopathiae at least 2 weeks before mating.

Booster vaccination

Sows and boars should be revaccinated against erysipelas at six monthly intervals.   For sows this may be during each lactation period, at weaning or during pregnancy (avoiding the last two weeks).

Contra Indications

Do not vaccinate unhealthy animals.

Do not mix with other vaccines or substances.

Other vaccines should not be administered within 14 days before or after vaccination with Porcilis® Ery.

Vaccination reactions normally consist of a slight (0.5°C), transient (normal within 24 hours) rise in body temperature.   A mild local swelling (less than 5 cm in diameter, normal within 3 days) and some reluctance to move may be seen in a very small proportion (<5%) of vaccinated animals.

Stress should be avoided when vaccinating animals, particularly during later stages of pregnancy.

Withdrawal period:  Zero days

Legal Category:  POM-VPS

Size: 25 and 50 doses

Further Information

A good immune response is reliant on the reaction of an immunogenic agent and a fully competent immune system.   Immunogenicity of the vaccine will be reduced by poor storage or inappropriate administration.   Immunocompetence of the animal may be compromised by a variety of factors including poor health, nutritional status, genetic factors, concurrent drug therapy and stress.

NOAH Datasheet

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25 dose Price: £14.74 (exc VAT)


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