Scan-HYG 15kg

£14.50 (exc VAT)

£17.40 (inc VAT)

Used as a bedding it has a very good absorption capacity as well as having an effect on bacteria such as Staph.aureaus, Camphylobacter, Streptococcus uberis, Salmonella and Coli etc. It prevents breeding areas for flies and other insects as well as preventing the heavy smell of ammonia. Neutral p.H.

Cattle: A handful per m² in the boxes or on the floor. Use 2-3 times a week.

Pigs: A handful per m² in the boxes before farrowing. After farrowing use 3 days in a row and then 3 times a week.

Horses: A handful per m² in the boxes on the floor 3 times a week.

Poultry: Use Scan–HYG all over the floor before bringing in the poultry. A handful per m² and then twice a week in the whole period.

Size: 15kg


£14.50 (exc VAT)

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