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Raidex Animal Markers

£1.83(exc VAT)£2.20(inc VAT)

RAIDEX Long-lasting animal marking sticks are based on special waxes, paraffin oil, and high-quality dyes. The marking sticks provide an alternative to sprays with the marking visible for about the same length of time. They are ideal for temporary identification. Furthermore, the sticks are handy and fit easily into trouser pockets. They are heat and cold resistant, highly colour-intensive, and luminous. The material contents are not harmful.

Marker sticks can be used as a simple aid for heat detection in cattle. Simply chalk the marker stick around the tail head of the cattle and watch for rub marks on the marker. Applied daily these inexpensive marker sticks can help identify those animals that tend to be shy expressing heat. Saving you ££££s on fertility treatments.

Wax stick for marking all livestock (not suitable for wool).

Colours: Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Violet, Black, Neon Pink

  • BluePrice: £1.83(exc VAT)
  • BlackPrice: £1.83(exc VAT)
  • VioletPrice: £1.83(exc VAT)
  • YellowPrice: £1.83(exc VAT)
  • OrangePrice: £1.83(exc VAT)
  • GreenPrice: £1.83(exc VAT)
  • RedPrice: £1.83(exc VAT)
  • Neon PinkPrice: £1.83(exc VAT)
Raidex Animal Markers

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