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Hemex Anti Tail Bite Spray

£13.28(exc VAT)£15.94(inc VAT)

Introducting our brand new tail biting product!

A natural treatment to effectively control tail biting in farm animals.

It is advised to use Hemex until undesirable habits are under control. It comes in a 1 litre bottle with a sprayer top.

The colouration of the product is not permenant and will fade over time.

DO NOT spray near animals eyes or nose.

1L will treat 50 pigs at 3 sprays per pig.

Active ingredient: Bittering Agent: 0.075% w/w.

Product contains natural ingredients that may cause variation in clarity from batch to batch.

Product quality and effectiveness are not affected.

Inert ingredients: Demineralised water.

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.

In case the user has an allergic reaction of accidental ingestion contact your doctor or hospital immediately or The National Poisons Information Service: England, Wales & Scotland call 111.

In Republic of Ireland call 01 809 2166.

  • 1LPrice: £13.28(exc VAT)
Hemex Anti Tail Bite Spray
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