Bovilis IBR Marker Live

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For the active immunisation of cattle to reduce the intensity and duration of the clinical respiratory signs induced by an infection with BHV-1 and to reduce nasal excretion of field virus.

Legal Category: POM-V

Dosage: A single dose of 2ml reconstituted vaccine per animal.

For intranasal or intramuscular administration.

Reconstitute the vaccine immediately before use with Unisolve (10ml per 5 doses). Inject a few ml of solvent into the vaccine vial and shake gently until the vaccine pellet is completely dissolved. Then transfer the concentrated vaccine to the rest of the solvent and mix well.

Method of administration

- from the age of 3 months onward: intranasal or intramuscular

- at an age between 2 weeks and 3 months: intranasal

For intranasal administration (1 ml in each nostril) the use of a nozzle is recommended

Withdrawal Period: Meat/Milk Zero days

Package Quantities: 5 dose, 10 dose, 25 dose, 50 dose

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5 Dose Price: £17.59 (exc VAT)

POM-V Declaration

10 Dose Price: £29.77 (exc VAT)

POM-V Declaration

25 Dose Price: £73.53 (exc VAT)

POM-V Declaration

50 Dose Price: £144.61 (exc VAT)

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