Kruuse Sorting Paddle/Rattle

£37.14 - £42.73 (exc VAT)

£44.57 - £51.28 (inc VAT)

Electricity-free livestock drivers are becoming more popular with those working amongst animals.  A paddle for driving livestock in a humane way has now been introduced. The paddle (excluding the stick) is 32cm long and 16cm wide, and contains tiny pellets that make a rattling sound, to which the animals react. The paddle is made of vinyl for safety and is easy to clean. The stick has a handle to give a good grip and easy handling.  It is the must have device as an alternative to the coaxer. 

Lengths: Red 107cm or Blue 122cm.

Red 107cm Price: £37.14 (exc VAT)
Blue 122 cm Price: £42.73 (exc VAT)

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